Thursday 13 March 2014

Stained Glass Nail Art

Well, hello there!

Today, I will be posting about the first ever nail art I have done in a really long while. This is a twin manicure that I did up with my nail mail buddy Narmai, from PiggieLuv! Do check out her blog and show her some of your support!

She let me choose the design since I am a newbie to nail art. I decided to do stained glass as I was inspired by the twin nails done up by Just1nail & Paintedpolishbylexi . From there, I went on to google for stained glass designs. My younger sister helped me search too, and she really liked the stained glass heart nails done by Kay (@twentysixnails) hence, the mix of both. Kay was inspired by another lady, IG @dressedupnails.

This is our twin mani that we had done up!

As you can tell, Narmai's lines are really thin and neat! I really like what she has come up for her color combination! Escpecially for the red heart! It seems like a very gradual tone for the orangey-red polish she used on her nails!

This is my solo shot of my nails!

My Stained Glass Mani under the sun!
My Stained Glass Mani under the sun!

This is my first time using a nail art pen to do my mani, so I got a bit messed up in using the pen. I accidentally used it the wrong way, hence the really thick and black lines. However, I did attempt this stained glass once more on my mum's toes, they came out pretty decent. My mum really liked it. If I had a chance, I will take a photo and post it up! (: She felt that her toes reminded her of the trip to Europe, where she was in Rome churches with my dad and their friends.

I left some parts of the nail unpainted, as after googling pictures on stained glass, I notice there was a tendency to leave some translucent glass in the picture. Hence, I like it too! :)

Colors used:

Yellow: Omni Acrylic Color, Permanent Lemon Yellow
Orange: Herome's Rio de Janeiro - Given by Narmai
Brown: OPI's Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

- Sinful Colors's Verbena
-OPIs 25 Colorful Years
- OPI's Pamplona Purple

-Face Shop BL606
- OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui
- OPI Dating A Royal

-OPI's Alpine Snow
-Face Shop PK111
-Sinful Colors's Gogo Girl
-Rubi Maroon Polish

- Sinful Color's Be Happy
-Depend Nail Polish, (unknown) - Given by Narmai
- Models Own's Emerald Black Beetle Juice

My Stained Glass mani indoors!
My Stained Glass mani indoors!
Would you create this mani if you could? If you do, be sure to tag me into it! It is simple and easy to do! I had so much fun just doing this mani! :D