Friday 7 March 2014

Love Thy Polish's Magic Forest

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Hello! :D

The last set of review for my Femme Fatale's blogger kit. If you have yet to see my reviews on Femme Fatale's Enchantress & Edge of the Cosmos or Delush Polish Star Gazer review, please click on the respective links! As for today, I will bring to you a polish that is non other than Love Thy Polish!

"Love Thy Polish is a South Australian based independent nail polish brand which was first founded at the end of 2011. Love Thy Polish specialises in unique, handmade nail polishes in a range of colours and finishes. There is something to suit everyone, from glitters to cremes to shimmers. " - Taken from website

I will be showing you, this a deep dark jelly polish! It is dark green jelly polish! Now, who likes green jelly polishes? (: Even if you do not like it, I am sure by the end of this post, you would! Just look at this beautyyyy! This beauty is named, Magic Forest.

Love Thy's Polish Magic Forest with bottle
Love Thy's Polish Magic Forest with bottle indoors
This polish is so dark, that almost seems rather to be a black jelly polish! You could pick up some micro holo bits in this bottle of polish! 

Magic Forest, the name of polish seems to fit this perfectly! I would imagine a magic forest to be rather secluded and deep in the forest!  There won't be magic if it could so easily be found! And definitely green! After all, whats a forest without its greens! ;)The holo in this jelly polish seems to remind me of the "magic" it has upon Magic Forest. The holographic bits isn't very prominent, however on a closer look you will notice the magic that is brewing up! That makes the magic forest very intriguing! 

Macro shot of Love Thy's Polish Magic Forest
Macro shot of Love Thy's Polish Magic Forest
Closing up, you will notice that there are other green and blue fine glitter trapped within this layers and layers of polish. You could also see how deep this green jelly polish is!

Well, how do you feel about the fine green and blue glitter in this polish? I honestly love it. It adds some liveliness to the entire forest. Somehow, it just feels like the small little wishes were granted by those who enter the Magic Forest! It sparkles up just perfectly! Not too glaring or too subtle.

More photos... Shall we?
A sunlight shot with Love Thy Polish's bottle shot of Magic Forest!
A sunlight shot with Love Thy Polish's bottle shot of Magic Forest!
Another pose under the sun!
Another pose under the sun!

Line Magic Forest up under the bright sun! ;)
Line Magic Forest up under the bright sun! ;)
Can you see that holo bits? ^^

An indoor shot of Magic Forest!
An indoor shot of Magic Forest!
Bottle shot of Love Thy Polish's Magic Forest!
Bottle shot of Love Thy Polish's Magic Forest!
Oh just look at that shadow of trees in the background! Forest-ty much? :)

So, for all you ladies & gentlemen, who initially thought that you wouldn't like this green jelly polish, do you know now? I'm sure you do :D

For this review, I have used three coats of Love Thy's Polish Magic Forest and one coat of Glisten and Glow's Stuck on Blu base coat & Hk Girl top coat. Application was smooth, glitters were evenly spread out. Formula of Love Thy's Polish Magic Forest is excellent!

Hop on over to Femme Fatale's website to buy this polish! I am sure you would love this as much as I do! :D As part of their reopening from their break, they are offering sales for selected items! So hurry! Before they are all gone! You could also visit Love Thy Polish's site to make your purchase of this lovely Magic Forest :)

This is my last post you will get from me from Femme Fatale's March 2014's blogger kit! I hope you have enjoyed my past reviews as much as I have enjoyed writing them! :D If you enjoyed them, be sure to follow me on either GFC (click Follow on the Blue button at the right column), Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest! Alternatively, you could just click on the small icons at the top of the right column! :D


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. Although I do my best to take photos that accurately display the color of the polish, please note that computer screen settings may vary, causing the polish to look different.

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