Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thanks for #Sharethelove & #Sharefest!

I just wanted to take some time off and thank everyone who had participated in the #sharethelove & #sharefest on Facebook to promote nail Facebook pages and blog.

Due to the heart warming actions of this movement, I have gained from having only 1 page like (by my friend, PiggieLuv) on Facebook to 330+ page likes. Also, on my blog, I have also increase slightly on my GFC followers.

I had never intended to promote and set up my page properly till my exam ended, however now, it is considered up however there are still rooms for improvements.

I would like to thank each of you who have liked or followed me. Also, I would like to thank the various nail pages who have shared my page. Last but not least, I would like to thank the initiators of this #sharethelove & #sharefest movement along with everyone who have participated in sharing and liking the pages.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

A little update


Just a little update!

For those who do not know, I have recently created a Facebook page. Do check it out and just it a 'Like' if you may :)

I also have a Pinterest site too! Give me a follow if you'd like (:

Also, it is about three weeks till my exams starts (14 Feb - Yes, I know. It Valentines' day:( Sadly, me and my boyf would have to be studying. So no celebration for us, we could always do a belated one! Afterall, as long as we are happy together, everyday can be a special Valentines' Day for us). It will end on the 21 Feb, so do expect all my nails to come onto your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest!

Also, from now till then, there will be definitely a lot of things I would like to try out!

So, I will use my blog as a reminder for me to note what I would like to do during my 2 month holiday!

1) Buy brushes for nail art, acetone
2) Polish phone cover

Till then,
<3 C.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tutorial: Nail Stamping

Today, I will be showing you my first ever Pictorial! I will you telling you on the steps to go about doing it, along with some tips and where to buy the products that would make your stamping journey easier! 

I've heard from some people that they are often discouraged from stamping due to various reasons such as the image plate doesn't come out well or the stamped image isn't at an ideal spot. However, I'm here to tell you that all those worries, will be gone with more practice. 

Stamping is extremely fun to do, it allows you almost instantly beautify your plain manicure into one that allows others to go "WOW!". I have done stamping a few times now, and have gotten the hack of how stamping is.

However it does takes patience in order to master this well. So never give up! Just keep trying until you are able to successfully stamp your images well! 

For Instagram friendly, I have a condensed photo, just for you! 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Model Own's Aqua Violet Beetle Juice

Finally did up my stash list! After so long, I have finally put them up on the blog. Need to do up my wish list soon too! As for now, lets talk about polishes

Well today, I am going to blog about Model Own's Aqua Violet Beetle Juice I had on me a few days back. 

To start things off, I really like the duo chrome in this polish. I am a blue, purple, pink polish lover. Apart from that, I also love glitter! It can be a pain in the ass to remove, but glitter just brightens up my life. I do complain when it's removal time, but when it's application it's just such a joy to paint them on! 

Getting back, this polish application was really easy to apply. The brush was skinny. Brushes really makes a whole lot of difference to painting my nails especially since my nails are really small. 

I have 3 coats of Models Own 'Aqua Violet Beetle Juice' along with 1 coat of Glisten and Glow's 'HK Girl Topcoat'