OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun Real 18K Gold Top Coat

Chanel - Gold Fiction, Cosmique, Vamp, Cosmic, Jade, Magic, HolographicAzure, Riva, Feu de Russie, Ciel de Nuit

Dior - Perle, Porcelain, Bouquet, Glacier, Ivory, Nirvana, Purple Revolution, Sailor

Illamasqua - Viridian, Untold, Phallic, Baptise

YSL - Bleu Celadon, Bleu CycladesRogue, Rose Scabiosa, Fueilie Or, Rogue Pablo, Rose Romanitique, Violine Surrealiste, Dore Orfevre, Jade Imperial, Bleu Majorelle, Vert D'orient, Taupe Mauresque, Gris Underground, Rose Abstriat

Butter London - Jaded Jack, HRH, Scallywag, Inky Six, Buckie, Slapper, Trout Pout, West End Wonderland

Lynnderella - Snow Moon, Emerald Hope, Ruby Passion, Sapphire Starfire, Water Sapphire, Night after night, Getting to know Blue, Mulch Love,  Topaz Optisim, Mining for a Heart of Gold, Karama Carnelian, Tanzanite Truth, Peridot Power,Garnet Grace, Tied up in a Rainbow, Change, You are Golden, LavenDear, Robin Sent Me, Once Upon A Prince, Oh Eric..., Ruby Red Ruby,The Stars in Her Eyes, Crocus Pocus, Love Light, Heart of Stone, Candy Wrapper, Leap of Faith,Amethyst Devotion, Deep Blue Seeing, Very Pretty Vampire, When The Moon Was A Star

Picture Polish - SplashTiffany, Whimsy, Sky, Ariel Tale, Glitter Ball, Festival, Revolution, Gravity, Illusionist, Solar Flare, Altered State, Aurora, Bomb Shell, Electric Blue, Swagger

Cult Nails - Disillusion, Love At First Sight, Time Traveller, Quench, Iconic, Enticing, Tempest

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Midsummer Petals, Bottle Of Infinite Stars, Lunar Halo, The Other Side Of The World, Fatal Attraction, Midnight Masquerade

Mentality Polish - Educate, Rigoberta, Dapper,Monsoon, Rogue, Overcast, Sailor, Lollipop, Gumdrop

Cirque - Epoch, Ophelia, Coronation

Pretty Serious Cosmetics - Atomic Brain, Crystal Lake, Grimm Demise, Into Dreams, Forbidden Fruit, Surfing Alien, Robot Monster

ILNP - Music Box, Admire Me, Dreaming in Violet, Cutie Pop, Princess Dairies,  Sirene, Undenied, My Little Glacier, Purgatory, A Twist of Lemon, Sniffany

Enchanted Polish - Dime Piece, Mr Burgundy, Presto Magic, Mercy, Water for Unicorn

Mo-You Stamping Plates -  Mother Nature 03 & 06

Pueen Stamping Plates - 24E Love Elements 

Those in bold are the top in my wishlist priority! 
Little note: I love blue, purple, red and gold polishes!
I really love glitter despite them being so hard to take out! 

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