Saturday, 23 November 2013

Milky sweet pink glitter gradient


Today, I have a really simple glitter gradient mani!

Base coat: OPI, Nail Envy Original
Color: OPI, You Callin' Me A Lyre? (It's a really sweet milky pink, that's adds a whole lot of feminine appeal when you apply it!
Color: China Glaze, Fairy Dust
Color: Sweet Heart Polish, Attack of the Crunchy Leaves (This is the only chunky glitter I have now, the rest are too small to be known as chunky polishes)
Too Coat: Rica, Glossy Glam

My nails are really short now :( Decided it was time to file them all down! Wonder how long it will take to grow back to the previous length?

My end results:

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Show your support by purchasing Love Me More polish sold by Meimeisignatures



I know not many people read this blog of mine, however if you ever happen to pass by. Please take some time to read this post. 

Recently, Meimeisignatures is selling Love Me More polish to raise funds for her niece's liver transplant surgery. Love Me More polish has been around for quite some time as it's a charity polish for general donation created by Lex Cosmetics. Mei Mei from Meimeisignatures has asked Lex Cosmetics to create a signature pink shade with a lovely name for her store for charity purpose. Love Me More is a pretty carnation pink with blue and pink micro shimmer as seen in the picture below.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Sweet Heart Polish: Wheat Penny, Attack of the Crunchy Leave &ScarabShells [Giveaway Nailmail]

Hey there!

A month back, I told you that I manage to win some Sweet Heart Polish from Colorsutraa's 1500 likes! Check that post out here! Well, after a month, I have finally received my prize! There was a bit of hiccups before the package could finally arrive at my house but I am glad that the package finally did! I have been waiting for this package forever! This is considered my first ever Sweet Heart Polish I have ever owned. Technically, this should also be my first ever indie polish I had (now its Rica's Glossy Glam due) if it wasn't the hiccups that happened! Well, it the first indie polish that is colored! Seems like Sweet Heart Polish is still a first, yeah? :)

Well, Cassandra was really sweet to include not only my prize of Wheat Penny & Attack Of The Crunchy Leaves, she also threw into a mini Scarab Shells as part of her latest collection, "Death Is Only The Beginning" along with some sweets! (I never knew there were Plants Vs Zombies sweets! Can't wait to try it!)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rica's Glossy Glam Top Coat!


I recently purchased my very first indie polish, and the brand and item that I have decided to get is no other than Rica's Glossy Glam Top Coat! I ordered them from Beauty So Fly, it is a Singapore-based nail polish shop that sells mainstream and also indie brand from Australia (Femme Fatale Cosmetics etc), US (Polished by KPT, Polish Me To Go etc)! Those who are in Singapore, and would like to purchase some indie polishes, be sure to check out Beauty So Fly! The owners, Grace and Liz are super friendly and nice!

My very own, Glossy Glam Top Coat: