About Me


I am Celestine. A average teen in Singapore. I am a premature baby (came out 3 months too soon :P I was super small, weighing only 800 grams!). Many people said that premature babies would have many problems, but I am glad that I am much like a full term baby! My parents felt that I was a gift from God, hence the name, Celestine as derived from Celestial.

I started to paint my own nails in September 2013. In October 2013, there came the birth of my blog and note down my journey. I hope to use this blog to share with you my learning experience. I started looking into nails when I saw my boyfriend's sister IG nail tags. Looking one by one into them, I started to gain an interest in this. :)

Through my nails hobby, I have gained more confidence than before in myself. The nail community has encouraged me to continue my pursue for this hobby. I hope you would join me as I embark on my little nail journey.

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