Monday, 29 September 2014

Nailies: Daisy Nails


I have trying to find my way back to the nail art regime, however I haven't been able to found the motivation to do so. However, after talking to my Nailies (you'll know what the term refers to, and who is involved soon), they started up a colloaboration of us painting the same nail art pattern! This month of September, it is Daisy Nails

So, what are Nailies and who exactly is involved? Nailies is currently a group of 12 ladies from Singapore who are all into painting their nails and doing nail art designs! It involves the following people:

2) Priscilla from Pobbynails, Instagram, Facebook
3) Karise from Nailbykarise, Instagram, Facebook
4) Zenna from TheManicuredMissy
5) Sandra from Beefette
6)Shili from Sushinails
7) Audree from Ohdreenails
8)Janice from Manukamelts
9) Karen from Pinkpixiepie
10) Kathy from Jellicklekat88

and our most recent addition to our family, 
11) Kimberlyn from Nailmachine, Instagram

Not forgetting the inclusion of me too! :D

So this was how our final product came to be like!
[In the order of from left to right: Karise, Karen, Zenna, Kathy, Priscilla, Janice, Sandra, Audree, Kimberlyn, Shili, Me and Kay]

[In the order of from left to right: Karise, Karen, Zenna, Kathy, Priscilla, Janice, Sandra, Audree, Kimberlyn, Shili, Me and Kay]

The lovely Priscilla helped us to make our collage that you see here! :D 

This is a close up shot of the nails I did!

I chose to do a brown base using OPI's Wooden Shoe Good To Know as I was in a brown mood that night! Then I went on to add some handpainted daisies using acrylic paint. I had actually opted for a light blue centre however I left that the contrast wasn't as to my liking so I opted for a glitter placement using the Girly Bits polish that I had on my accent nail! The Girly Bits polish is Eight Crazy Nights! This was given to me from Nicole! It is absolutely gorgeous especially since I have such a love for anything polish that is blue!

I have to admit, my daisies isn't very nice as compared to my fellow nailies, however I am on the road to improvement! I hope :x

Going to try and do more nail art design and slowly brush up my skills! Especially since I am working now, I have my nights to spend some time on pampering myself! 

That's all for now!

I will be back posting more reviews and nail art that I have done! :D Hope you would stay tuned! (:


Friday, 5 September 2014

Resinail Lacquer Urban Glitz & Fizzy Grape

[Sent for review]


Here is a review of a fairly new Australian indie polish brand to me, Resinail Lacquer. I was delighted to be able to help the lovely Michelle with the review of her gorgeous looking polishes! Michelle's handmade 5-free polishes (Toluene, Formaldehyde, TSF resin, Camphor and DBP free). She uses high quality suspension base, tinters, pigments, and solvent resistant glitter for her products. She also sells various nail care products such as cuticle oil for purchase.

I was given 3 polishes to review, unfortunately one amazing gold glitter, Pineapple Prize had died on its way here. However, on the bright side of things, I do have 2 other polishes to show you! :D

Firstly, it is a gorgeous silver mini glitter polish with a larger hexagons in them. It is called Urban Glitz. These are some swatches of this gorgeous polish!

Resinail Lacquer - Urban Glitz
Resinail Lacquer - Urban Glitz