Friday 8 November 2013

Sweet Heart Polish: Wheat Penny, Attack of the Crunchy Leave &ScarabShells [Giveaway Nailmail]

Hey there!

A month back, I told you that I manage to win some Sweet Heart Polish from Colorsutraa's 1500 likes! Check that post out here! Well, after a month, I have finally received my prize! There was a bit of hiccups before the package could finally arrive at my house but I am glad that the package finally did! I have been waiting for this package forever! This is considered my first ever Sweet Heart Polish I have ever owned. Technically, this should also be my first ever indie polish I had (now its Rica's Glossy Glam due) if it wasn't the hiccups that happened! Well, it the first indie polish that is colored! Seems like Sweet Heart Polish is still a first, yeah? :)

Well, Cassandra was really sweet to include not only my prize of Wheat Penny & Attack Of The Crunchy Leaves, she also threw into a mini Scarab Shells as part of her latest collection, "Death Is Only The Beginning" along with some sweets! (I never knew there were Plants Vs Zombies sweets! Can't wait to try it!)

The front view of my nailmail from Sweet Heart Polish! :D Isn't it cute, there's a heart label on the polish & there's sweets beside. It really does make it Sweet Heart Polish eh? 

The back view of my nailmail from Sweet Heart Polish! :D (Only the polishes were turned to see the color of the polish and not just the label)

Swatch the nail polish I received from her. First up, it none other than the prize I received, Wheat Penny! :)

Just look that at that coppery brown colored shimmer polish that Cassandra has formulated for Wheat Penny! Isn't it absolutely stunning? It is a really unique color, first to add into my nail polish collection. The formula is also amazing! It is extremely easy to apply! I had on 3 coats of this stunning polish!

Next we have, Attack of the Crunchy Leaves is a clear-based polish that has truckloads of copper, brown, and gold glitters in different circles sizes. The formula is just like Wheat Penny, amazing! Really love this polish, this set used together is perfect for Fall. If only I could experience Fall in Singapore, that would be lovely. My nails would perfectly match the weather I would be in.

I have applied one coat Attack of the Crunchy Leaves over Wheat Penny!

(I love this picture a lot! It feels so artisty! Tehehehee :X)

Lastly, there is Scarab Shells from "Death Is Only The Beginning" collection!

Scarab Shells is a purple shimmery polish. Like all other Sweet Heart Polish, the formula is consistent throughout. I had 3 coats on all fingers! (The accent and pinky finger had a white and black base respectively. I wanted to see how it would look if I gave them a base, and surprisingly the entire feel came out like it was a skittle!) I find that with the white base, it really bring out the actual color if the polish! It just pops! Will be using a white base when I use Scarab Shell again! 

Once again, I would like to thank Cassandra from Sweet Heart Polish for the gift and participating in Colorsutraa's giveaway. Also, to Colorsutraa for hosting this amazing giveaway! Be sure to support and follow this two amazing ladies on their accounts!

Sweet Heart Polish

(Help her get to 2000 likes and she might just have another giveaway! 49 more likes away!)


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