Sunday 19 January 2014

A little update


Just a little update!

For those who do not know, I have recently created a Facebook page. Do check it out and just it a 'Like' if you may :)

I also have a Pinterest site too! Give me a follow if you'd like (:

Also, it is about three weeks till my exams starts (14 Feb - Yes, I know. It Valentines' day:( Sadly, me and my boyf would have to be studying. So no celebration for us, we could always do a belated one! Afterall, as long as we are happy together, everyday can be a special Valentines' Day for us). It will end on the 21 Feb, so do expect all my nails to come onto your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest!

Also, from now till then, there will be definitely a lot of things I would like to try out!

So, I will use my blog as a reminder for me to note what I would like to do during my 2 month holiday!

1) Buy brushes for nail art, acetone
2) Polish phone cover

Till then,
<3 C.

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