Monday 7 October 2013

Polka dots nails! OPI's 25 Colorful Years

POLKA DOTS TIME! Featuring OPI's 25 Colorful Years that is dated back from their 25th Anniversary back in 2006! Time really passes fast! Now, they are already 32 years old! They have really came a long way! Now they are a super duper known brand! Especially in Singapore, most nail salons all uses OPI!

I found this pretty color in my mum's stack of lost polishes! Really love this colorful at first sight! It is such a pretty red! :D

This is a picture of the nail art I did today! 

This picture is the one I uploaded onto my instagram (@celestialwish)! :D 

This picture really bring out the cranberry red that the 25 Colorful Years has! Ohman! My hands are really dry here. Okay, not really, it SUPERRR dry! :(  Haven't really cultivated the habit of putting moistourizer yet! However, I am making an attempt to at least apply it once a day! 

Oh! The white polish for the polka dots are also from OPI! Its Alpine Snow! :D

Left hand! This was taken under yellow lights but with flash on! It seems like a really reddish-pink in this photo!

Thats all for today! Till next time! ~

<3 C.

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