Friday 4 October 2013

New hobby

During my school examination period, when everyone else was all studying and flipping their books, I was too! But... I also looked into all the amazing swatches that I found on Instagram! I also showed my friend, Matilda with all the screenshots too :/  Sigh! Maybe if I waited till my exams were over before I started to search on nails swatches and nail art, i would be able to get better grades. Oh well, can't cry over spilt milk eh? The swatches were all so beautiful! 

Normally, I would just get my nails done at a nail salon but I wanted a change. So, I decided to do it on my own! My very first attempt of doing my nails actually turned out quite horribly :/ It was about slightly over a month ago, when I attempted. This was how it turned out...
You have got to admit, it is pretty bad isnt it? :( Nail polish went onto my cuticles and all. This colour is Nicole by OPI's Boys N' Berry

Well, after that attempt, I went onto youtube and saw many different tutorials by many different users! Really liked tutorials done by ohmygoshpolish, elleandish by Janelle! Ohmygoshpolish really has amazing tutorials on lots of different nail art design. Her video on her 'Nail Care Routine' made me realise the importance of good nail care! So I followed after her and started taking care of my nails! Elleandish was the girl who introduced me to this new thing, konad stamping! Learn many new things from both of their tutorials! If you see this and are interested to learn more about nails, their websites is a MUST GO!

Then on, I started painting my nails more often! 
This was a mix of Orly's Stone Cold and also OPI's Glitzerland! I got to say, I really love the Orly's Stone Cold! However, despite drying for a few hours, the next morning when I woke up, the nails were ruined :(

As I have a really limited number of nail polish at home, I bought some on Qoo10 aka Gmarket. 
The colours I bought were all from OPI! (L to R): Hands Off My Kielbasa!, Black Onxy, Alpine Snow, You Callin Me a Lyre?, Austin-Tatious Turquoise, Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

Also, as I mentioned earlier of how elleandish introduced to me to Konad Stamping, I ordered my very own Konad Stamping set and Stamping Image Plate from Bundle Monster!

The double side stamp set! It includes a double sided stamper and also a metal scrapper! So far, the metal scrapper hasn't been give me any problems such as scratches on my image plate but if you would like to get, the plastic scrapper is a better choice! Alternatively, you can use a old credit card, it will do the trick too! ^^

This is the 25 piece of Stamping Image Plate I got from Bundle Monster! It has some really cute designs!

My mum saw my interest in nail polish, so she bought me some polishes when she was in Hong Kong! 11 polishes of Sinfully Colors! 
(First row, L to R): Secret Admirer, Black on Black, Tokyo Pearl, Queen of Beauty, Verbena 
(Second row, L to R): I Miss You, Be Happy, Nail Junkie, Hottie, Dare Devil, Good Girl

She also bought Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover as I requested (saw it on Ohmygoshpolish 'Nail Care Routine' video!) and the Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat.

Tried on OPI's Hands Off My Kielbasa! Its a really pretty colour however it doesn't really seem to go that well with my skin tone. I think this colour really suits my sister more, she much fairer than me!

Tried to do a leopard print on my thumb using OPI's Alpine Snow and Onxy Black but it didn't turned out as nice as I wanted it to. Looks like got to practice a lot more!

I also tried to attempt to do a gradient nail with OPI's Alpine Snow as base, and the gradient colours were Sinfully Colors's Tokyo Pearl and Orly's Stone Cold! Forgotten to take a proper shot of the finished manicure, so this is a picture when I was halfway doing my nails! :)

This is a shot of my water marbling I attempted. Only did it on one finger though. It really wasn't easy, as most of my polishes somehow just didn't spread out in the water so I couldn't create the bullseye :(

This is my latest colour I painted! OPI's Austin-Tatious Turquoise! It's a really sheer colour, so I applied 4 coats of polish! Could have done a black base first but decided not to.

I felt that the one colour alone was too plain so I added on 3 flowers! I stamped on the image using OPI's Alpine Snow! Not many polishes can be used for stamping. As of my current nail polish collection now I only have like 2-3 polishes but I will increase it! :D

A shot under warm light! :) My left hand! ^^ It has a nicer stamped image than my right hand!

Thats all for now! :D

<3 C.

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